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Health Care Costitis (HCC) def. Inflammation of health care costs causing chronic severe financial distress.
Progressive condition.

Cause: More than 70% of health care dollars spent treating preventable lifestyle-related chronic conditions.

Prognosis: Excellent, when treated early and rapidly. Very poor when left undetected and not treated properly.

If you believe you may be suffering from HCC, you should speak to us immediately. Help is available!

Would you like:

  • to reduce your health care costs?
  • a happier, healthier, more productive work force?
  • to attract and retain your top talent?

Enjoy our inspiring 10 seminar series including:

  1. dw_book_wshadow.jpg The Ultimate Solution to America's Health Care Crisis   
  2. The Obesity Epidemic - Why Sitting Fat Doesn't Work
  3. Healthy Lifestyle Habits - What You Do (or Don't Do) That Can Change Your Life
  4. The 7 Lifestyle Conditions Creating America's #1 Crisis
  5. Healthy Thinking - Don't Let Stress Make Your Life A Mess
  6. Why Pain Hurts and What To Do About It (Chronic Pain)
  7. The Best Kept Secret In Today's Health Care (Alignment)
  8. Medicines or Drugs - Are They Saving You or Killing You?
  9. Wellness Essentials - What The Experts Think and Do
  10. How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich

Seminars are based on the National Bestseller


Ask us how we can customize a cost-saving wellness program for you?

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